Who we are: Providers of shipping services

Mirage Shipping is an independent, privately owned and funded
boutique ocean freight carrier, actively involved in the dry bulk market
sector, providing quality sea transport services to selected global clients,
primarily in the sizes of 20-50,000 tonnes deadweight.

We are securing vessels in order to cover our own or relet cargoes and
CoAs, employing either voyage, time or period chartered vessels to perform our
various cargo commitments.

We mainly operate within the Atlantic including Continent, West Africa and the
Mediterranean/Black sea, as well as in fronthauls from ECSA to Red sea, Arabian
Gulf and China, always providing optimised services and tailor-made solutions
to our worldwide customers.

What we do: We transport goods globally

The main core of our business is the ocean transportation of grain products
(wheat, maize, soya beans), minerals (bauxite, coal, iron ore), fertilisers
(DAP, ammonium nitrate, urea), metals (steel products, billets, scrap).

We always seek to discover new partners and explore potential
synergies with reputable counterparties worldwide, having
at top priority the clients’ constantly demanding
commercial needs and trading requirements.