Mission: To offer quality and efficiency

Our strategic objective and proud mission is to keep providing
consistent first class services and maintain enduring relationships
with our worldwide trading partners. We endeavour to add value for
our customers by understanding their business drivers and the risks they face,
so we can meet their needs in the most effective way, with unsurpassed quality
and efficiency. We are motivated by our passion to provide all our clients with solid,
transparent and reliable solutions to their transportation requirements and deliver
prompt and innovative services.

Vision: To be our clients’ preferred carrier

Our primary goal is to achieve a healthy and balanced long-term growth along with
our working clients, without taking unreasonable risks nor short-cuts which may
financially or otherwise imperil our good standing. Our vision is to further expand
our presence and gain a substantial share of the global dry bulk market, becoming
the preferred counterparty for cargo customers and tonnage providers. We aim to
steadily develop and evolve into a significant and durable competitor among
the world’s commercial shipping companies, always delivering
our personalised services.