Victory Loves Preparation

At Mirage, we foster in-advance planning and careful methodology,
considering each new business as a fresh challenge to constantly
set the bar higher in our services. The commencement of every fixture finds
us well prepared, committed and dedicated for consistency and perfection.

Whether it concerns the maximum cargo quantity to be safely loaded on
board, the stringent preloading survey, the quick port turnaround or the rigorous
monitoring during bunkering operations, we are always on top in order
to expedite all matters with professionalism and responsibility.

We closely liaise with the vessels’ Masters, port agents, bunker suppliers,
surveyors and other concerned parties, working hand-in-hand in order
to achieve optimum results for all contractual partners.

Our main aim and ultimate priority is to work side-by-side with
our clients, so as to best serve their commercial necessities,
always having in mind the safety of the vessel,
the crew and the cargo.