The Company: Agile and swift

The company is structured and well tuned to closely
perform around the volatility, the sudden fluctuations and
the demanding requirements of the ever challenging shipping
market. We have adopted the short chain of command model and
operate in a nimble, practical and non-bureaucratic manner in order
to handle matters with no unneeded delays.

All issues are carefully assessed and promptly dealt with, enabling us to take quick
actions and provide feedback and best solutions to our clients in a timely fashion.
Thus, ensuring a smooth and punctual global transportation of goods, with safety and respect to the environment being at the forefront.

The Team: Know-how at its best

Apart from our 25-year in-depth experience which is considered our most valuable
asset, we firmly believe in teamwork. We have created a supportive and incentive-
based working environment, where our employees can take initiative and share
new ideas, since this drives employee performance, accomplishment and
breeds continuous improvement.

Our motivated, hand-picked professionals combine extensive
know-how of the shipping industry, vast expertise to cope with
the unexpected, swift decision making and ethics in all
our transactions. We are here to assist and serve
our clients on a round-the-clock basis.